Let the children Create their own games without toys.

“EMOJECTOR” is an exciting startup educational projection device that focuses on the experimentation and exploration of light, shadow, and emotions for children in a fun and engaging manner.

Interest, Experimentation,
Collaboration & Wonder

It provides kids with an individual experience that uses different emotions.

Magical to children

With Emojector, children are the owners and initiators of their learning process without any independent space and extra devices and materials.

Explore emotions

The intention of Emojector is to fuel children’s desire to explore. It manages children feelings and emotions throughout different activities.

Educational centers

Playing around with shadows is great for developing gross children's motor skills and control over their body with this light and portable device.

Special Needs

Children with autism are especially susceptible to mood changes due to lighting which can help them to be relax and become creative.

Home Schooling

Emojector is a thoughtful must-have for all parents who practice homeschooling or will be doing this for the first time during these challenging quarantine times.

Project based platform

The project based contents of Emojector incorporates science, art, dance and drama into one AMAZING experience for children.

Collection of Innovative
features in one box!

Cloud Based Device

Large library of content always syncing from the cloud with this connected device.






Ultra Compact & Portable

This small projector keeps your kids emotions during tough parenting moments.


Light Weight




Power of Technology

Everything you expect from a perfect LED projector for education and entertainment.
Longlife Lamp

+30000 Hours

Huge Screen

Upto 120"

Dual Wifi


Sparks Creativity & Communication Skills

EMOJECTOR is a virtual emotions museum that provides kids with up-to-date content. Whether you’re at home or on the go, its library of resources will keep your child in line with today’s curriculum and beyond.

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Children's Feelings and
Emotions during the Corona and Post-Corona
The world has witnessed many changes in recent years, which may be very difficult and challenging for people, especially children, to understand and adapt to. School closure, lack of social relationships, decreased households’ economic power, bombing corona news through media, and talking about illness, death, and loss play an important role in Children’s mental health. Many studies have shown that some children and adolescents experience psychological stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness as a result of these changes. It is important to know that most children will not be seriously harmed if they receive proper support from the society, family, and friends. So, the ways of recognizing and dealing with children’s feelings and emotions should be provided so that by learning ways to manage emotions and feelings, children return to their normal lives. The people who understand their own feelings well and can calm themselves down or adapt to the situation have a better life and healthier relationships and cope well with problems and failures.
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The Concept of EMOJECTOR

The idea of EMOJECTOR (a combination of Emotion & Projector) comes from the business plan of the “Experiences and Emotions Museum of Childhood” emotionsmuseum.com which was proposed with the aim of establishing a physical center in a wider and more specialized dimension than the existing physical centers, in a more comprehensive business plan than similar ones.

According to the latest definitions of museology, the purpose of establishing “Experiences and Emotions Museum of Childhood” as the third generation of museums is to provide a place that is used by everyone as an educational and research complex and enjoys a higher status than displaying merely human intellectual works and that status is raising the level of awareness and knowledge of the visitors by attending various forums, doing activities, and conversing in order to raise the level of experiences and emotions.

Regarding the educational goals of this project, The specialized team of the museum proposed transferring the Experiences and Emotions Museum of Childhood to homes.

By performing specialized studies with technology, education, and psychology experts, the team suggested the idea of ​​creating a special video projector called EMOJECTOR with the capability to display specific targeted content for children.

Our Specialized Team

Ilnaz Mohammadi

CEO & Founder

Reza Neyzan


Hedieh Abbaszadeh

Curriculum Manager

Sepideh Rezvani

Marketing Manager

Najme Nikomohammadi


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